We offer a variety of services related to general software development work (apps and websites) as well as specialty services related to accessible documents. We accept clients worldwide, and are happy to work with you regardless of your location.

Web/App Development

Need an app, website, or login portal for your business? We've got you! With many clients from Missouri to Alberta, we have a solution that will work for you.

Please contact us if you would like a quote.

Accessible Document Transcription

We offer document transcription services for power point slides, textbooks and any other type of inaccessible document. Our goal is to:

  1. Create fully accessible documents, and
  2. Get them done on a deadline.

We specialize in scientific documents (e.g., computer science, mathematics), but we work on a bit of everything. There are three main categories of documents we transcribe:

When the transcription is done, you can opt-in to receiving a text message on completion along with a link where you can download your accessible documents. Completed files are semantic, HTML5 webpages; this allows us to use an free, open, platform-independent standard that can be read on any computer.

Contact us for examples of previously transcribed files, and to set up a meeting so we can get started on your documents.

Audio Description

We offer audio description for video content of short (up to 4 minutes) to medium (5-10 minutes) lengths. Although this service is usually a part of another (i.e., a link to a YouTube video from a slide deck), we do independent jobs as well. Here is a short example of audio description that we did on the piano stairs in Sweden. Just over a minute and a half, total.

Original Video

Described Video

Please contact us for a price estimate.